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I want to thank you for your interest in working with me. I am very obliged to have your interest in my personal works. It would be a wonderful opportunity to see what magick that can be done on your projects. I believe it would be an amazing opportunity to see what would come out of a possible project with you.



I have conducted interviews and have been equally asked to do interviews. I have been interviewed by Mona Magick, the Vampir Metrou, and the Irish Psychic. All the interviews that I have been a part of have turned out wonderful and shed a new light on my personal thoughts and views, the one on one interaction also has helped the listeners on many occasions.


If you would like to have me on an interview then you may contact me, so that way I will be able to reach out to all of my fans to help promote the interview. I will do interviews on magick, occult, metaphysics, and comedy.


Books and Writing:

I have written two books: Consilium XVIII: The Book of Phoebus Apollo and The Selected Works of Robert Powell. I have also published many of my works on I have written poetry that is all around the internet and they will be in the "Links" tab so you can view all my earlier poetry.


If you would like for me to contribute to your books, blogs, writings, journal, press, or publishing company then you may contact me at any point. I will be glad to help you out.



I have made an album with Edgar Kerval of Emme Ya. The entire album was inspired by my book Consilium XVIII: The Book of Phoebus and the album was called Arise: Magick without Tears. The entire album is geared toward occult and ritual music for magick practices.


If you are magician and looking for a musical collaboration geared toward magick and metaphysics then I will gladly help you out. I am a lover of music.



I have two YouTube Channels. One is geared toward spirituality and the other is geared to comedy and gaming. I am experienced in video editing. I can make introductions, special effects, and outroductions. If you look at the videos on my channel and on this site you will see what I can offer you with my services.


I am a man of many sides and I love the camera. If you would like to do a video with me then you can contact me at anytime.


If you would like to do any of these projects then you may contact me at


Thank you for taking the time to read this and XVIII.

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I am the Vayu Tiger and I want to welcome you to my official site. I am an author, blogger, YouTuber, occultist, tarot card reader, intuitive,  and hypnotist. I welcome all of you to my site in hopes that you learn a little more about yourself and learn a little more about me.

 I have created the Yesodic Order of the Crystal Tower in 2010. The YOCT on Facebook was created in 2011 and is still very active with members. I have manifested the Templi Stellarum and brought forth a new philosophy that every individual is a Tower still growing by experience. The aim is and was to bring spiritualists, occultists, and magical practitioners together on the same playing field.


I have published two books Consilium XVIII: The Book of Phoebus and Selected Works of Robert Powell. I have been given the fortunate opportunity to get interviewed by Mona Magick and several others about my contributions to the occult. I was first published by Writing is my passion and always has been in my life. I see writing as an art, like painting.


On the side I do have two Youtube Channels. One channel is geared to spirituality, magick, occult, metaphysical topics, and occult history. This channel is more of an outlet for my spiritual thoughts that might be beneficial for the viewer. My other channel is for entertainment in daily life and video games. I feel there has to be a balance and we need a laugh here and there.


I am a trained Hypnotist from HMI (Hypnosis Motivational Institution). I have obtained the certificates to show where my work lies in helping people with the smaller things in life that really matter. Hypnosis is a way for me to reach to all of you subconsciously and help you out with your issues when you need them the most.


Last, but certainly not least, I am a tarot card reader. I have been doing tarot since 2010. My first tarot deck was the Dragon Tarot, which I have done a review on my Spiritual YouTube Channal. I got my start in professional tarot with the and I started to do independent tarot readings as well. It was not till I found started doing magick around 2000 that I found my mind opening up to intuition. It is from this point I have made it a kety to help other people with my ability and teach people how to make changes in their life by basic magical principles.


I hope all of you enjoy my website and catch up on a few of my works. So you can hit the social network links at the bottom of the page. You can like, share, and even follow me if you like. You may also subscribe. There is a monthly newsletter for the first of every month on the website that will be updated once a month. Your Feedback is very important to me. So you may stay in contact by adding me as a friend at, liking my business page at, and you may follow me on Twitter with the links at the bottom of page.



Gaming and Comedy

Sometimes all of us need an outlet and need to find balance in our life. Comedy and Gaming Offer me a personal outlet to harmonize all aspects of my life. So this is a separate channel that allows me to focus on less tense things. This Channel is for entertainment purposes.

Spirituality and Occult

 The occult first gave me my start with entreprenuership for advancement. This is my spiritual channel for people are interested in moving forward in their spiriruality and occultism. Check out this channel if you would be interested in this aspect of my work.